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What sets our personal injury law firm apart from our competitors?

Keen Law Group represents seriously injured individuals in the West Palm Beach, Florida area, as well as families of loved ones killed due to the negligence of others. Our personal injury law firm is here to help you in your time of need.

When you are searching for representation, do not hire the first firm you pass by. Make sure the personal injury law firm you choose has a reputation for...

  • Success--Hampton Keen has litigated personal injury cases in more than a dozen states. The damage awards and settlements of his clients total hundreds of millions of dollars.
  • Excellence--As zealous advocates for our clients, Keen Law Group stands ready to fight for truth and justice.
  • Relentlessness--We will work tirelessly to reach a positive outcome.

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Were you injured due to a defective product?

Keen Law Group understands how juries reach decisions in product liability cases. Hampton Keen, our lead product liability attorney, will...


Present your case

so that jurors know the full story


Uncover evidence

that other attorneys would have probably missed


Represent you

or your family in the West Palm Beach, Florida area

For years, attorney Keen has been litigating complex product liability cases and achieving multimillion-dollar verdicts or settlements for his clients. In 2013, he successfully represented a plaintiff against Continental Tires, resulting in a nearly $10 million verdict in his client's favor.

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Our practice areas

Our personal injury law firm in West Palm Beach, FL handles a wide range of cases, but we focus on cases involving...

Auto accidents - your car accident attorney will work with your insurance provider so you can receive a fair settlement.
Product liability - defective products can cause serious injuries, so we represent victims who want to hold the responsible parties accountable.
Premises liability - if your accident occurred on someone else's property, a slip-and-fall attorney at Keen Law Group can help you fight for compensation.
Professional negligence - when a legal professional or employer has done you wrong, we'll do our best to make it right.

Did your loved one die due to any of these circumstances? If so, we can file a wrongful death lawsuit to help your family seek justice. Reach out to our personal injury law firm today to learn about our track record.

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